Kristin, Manager, Nursing; Electro Convulsive Therapy

Despite enjoying the opportunities to discover new places as a traveling nurse, Kristin first came to Swedish temporarily as a traveler but has since established roots, going to school to earn dual masters’ degrees while working as a nurse manager at Swedish Ballard.

I chose Swedish over other options because we had a really strong leader. She recognized my talents. She knew I could do more. She saw a future that I wasn't really seeing.

What’s great about working and living in the Seattle area?

Seattle offers the mix of being a true city with the outdoor life right next door. You can kayak, you can hang out in the ocean, you can sail a boat, and you can turn around tomorrow and go climb a mountain and ski down the side of a volcano, and then you can go back at the end of the day and have a nice dinner downtown. I can’t think of another city where you can do all of that in a weekend.

What is a strength of the leadership at Swedish?

I remember walking down the hall, and I passed our COO, who I didn’t really know. He said, “Have a great time in Arizona.” At many large organizations, people don’t even know what their COOs look like. There’s a connection with people here that’s different than at other places.

What’s the culture like at Swedish?

There’s that feeling that we’re a family. Families fight and families love, and we do both and we do them well.

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