Marie, Supervisor, Clinical Care; Intensive Care Unit

Marie came to Swedish as a traveler about 15 years ago, working in the multi-campus ICU float pool at the Issaquah, Cherry Hill and First Hill campuses. Ten years ago, she took a permanent role and began to work her way up into a leadership role.

The collaboration between the doctors and the nurses is ideal for me. It’s a good culture to be able to grow in as a nurse.

How are you growing in your career with the help of benefits Swedish offers?

I’ve moved into leadership, and one of the things I’m looking to do as I continue to grow in my leadership role is to get my doctorate. Swedish is here to support me like they have throughout my career. When I came on, I had my associate’s degree in nursing, then I went through the University of Providence to get my Bachelor of Nursing degree. It was very cost effective to do that through the University of Providence. As I move ahead, my manager is willing to work with me to adjust my schedule to work with my continuing education. There are resources at Swedish that are not at other facilities that I’ve worked at before.

What makes a good leader?

I think a good leader is one who walks the talk, who leads by example. I try to be out there, knowing when to work beside my staff, and also knowing when to balance that out with work behind the scenes, handling the logistical duties.

What’s it like working in a Swedish ICU?

In my opinion, working in the units, it’s like a big family. We’re there for each other, we have each other’s backs, we’re able to have that open communication. It takes a village, so we’re working together. Patients come in and we all jump in to help that one nurse get his or her patient admitted. It’s just a very big team effort to make sure that everyone’s feeling supported.

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