Shalonda, Clinical Supervisor, Surgery

Shalonda started at Swedish as a traveler at the Edmonds campus. She says the environment and the opportunities for growth were two factors in her decision to apply for a full-time job. Now, she works at the First Hill campus and she considers her work family an extension of her real one.

Not all environments are family-oriented. I think it’s important that you not only love what you do, but love where you work. It’s my home away from home.

You’ve worked all over the country; what makes Seattle special?

The environment, it has the best of everything. I love the ocean, but I love the mountains. Both are right here.

How does Swedish help its caregivers grow?

When I came to First Hill, that welcoming environment and those opportunities for growth with staff, they really look at taking care of their staff and giving opportunities for anyone who does want growth. Who wants to do something other than what they’re currently doing.

How was the transition from traveler to full-time employee?

I kept extending my contract and they asked if I was interested in a permanent position. What helped make the decision was the atmosphere and the welcoming nature of the staff. From day one, I never felt like an outsider. It felt like family. And it felt like I was home, like I’d reached a place that I was supposed to be.

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