Akin, Cardiac Cath Lab Technologist II, Cardiac Catherization

Akin won an immigrant Visa lottery and, sponsored by his uncle in the Seattle area, moved from Nigeria to Seattle in 1998. After working in sales then completing his schooling, he joined the team at Cherry Hill five years ago “and it’s been nothing short of a wonderful experience.” This Krav Maga and yoga practitioner says what’s key to working in health care is having a positive attitude and a supportive team.

The people I work with make me want to stay. I just feel like I belong. I love working for Swedish.

What first drew you to health care and Swedish?

Being an inquisitive and curious guy, I wanted to know a lot about what's going on in the human heart. I wanted to work at Swedish because of the complexity of the cases we do and the volume as well.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Being able to empathize with patients, having a one-on-one connection with the patient, being able to understand where they’re coming from, and with the help of a team, being able to provide them the answers and, in some cases, immediate relief of their symptoms. That is so rewarding for me.

How does Swedish support you in your career?

Thanks to the educational programs that Swedish has, I’m going back to school to get my Bachelor’s in Applied Sciences, and I will possibly move from there to some sort of a master’s program. Swedish is very supportive and responsive. The sky is the limit.

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