Valerie, Medical ICU Nurse Manager

Valerie supports ICU nurses at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett, making sure they have what they need to take care of patients. She lives on nearby Whidbey Island and commutes by ferry every day.

She has worked in many different hospitals, because her husband’s job as a college football coach meant moving around quite a bit. Since settling in the Pacific Northwest to raise their kids, she’s found a welcome sense of community on the island where she lives and also with her team at work.

My approach to everything is 100% relationship based. It's good to have big ears. Everybody has something to bring to the table, so I want them to feel open to do that.

How do you approach your role as a nurse manager?

It's important to me to stay very present with the staff, so I can hear in real time what their concerns are. That way I know how I can best help them in that moment and address the things that they need.

What type of environment do you try to foster?

It’s a really great culture for so many new nurses, because we have a learning environment. It's okay to ask questions, to have open conversations and speak your mind. Your ideas are welcome. I want everybody to feel included.

Is Providence Swedish a good place for people to grow as a nurse?

The beauty of nursing, is that you get your nursing degree and then you have the opportunity to try anything you want. As the biggest hospital in North Puget Sound area, we have so many specialties, there are plenty of growth opportunities.

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