Sohyun, Registered Nurse, Neuroscience Epilepsy

Sohyun moved to the United States from Korea as a foreign exchange student and stayed to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing. With a general medical surgical background, Sohyun was ready for a change when a recruiter drew her attention to the neuroscience epilepsy unit at Swedish. She and her partner moved from New York to Seattle and she joined the unit in 2017.

I love the people. I love my team workers. We’re very team-oriented so if you are drowning or if you need help, everybody jumps in and takes care of your patients as if they are their own patients.

How do you feel about your managers and supervisors?

I think it’s probably rare for people to say that they love their manager, but I actually do love my managers and my supervisor. They’re very hands-on. They don’t just sit in the office, they come out to the unit, check on everybody, they help with your patient if you’re busy. You just feel they’re your coworkers not just your managers. They’re very easy to approach.

How was your experience with the Swedish Fellowship Program?

I had a really good experience with the Swedish Fellowship Program. Both the hands-on and classroom experiences were helpful because they went into great detail about my specialty. Swedish really tries to expose cohorts to different experiences.

How does Swedish care for its diverse communities?

My coworkers and I are all from different backgrounds and speak different languages, which is really helpful since we have a lot of patients who don’t speak English. This helps us connect with and care for patients.

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