Jennifer, Intermediate Care RN

Jennifer always wanted to work at Providence St. Peter Hospital because of the acute care setting it provides. And she’s found exactly what she was looking for. "We have a really special crew," she says. "There's a strength in who we are, together. And that shows itself on a daily basis. in the simplest ways."

Jennifer may be a little biased, but she loves living in Olympia with the Capitol Forest trails nearby. "I take my daughter outside as much as I can," she says. "We take our dog on lots of walks."

Providence St. Peter Hospital is a place where I've become the nurse who I am today. I think that anyone who wants to join us, will be excited to be here.

What is the Residency program at St. Peter Hospital like?

I graduated in an awkward time to become a nurse. It was 2020 and COVID had just hit, so many school programs were virtual. The Residency Program adopted our cohort and it was perfect. They were incredible teachers. They made you feel safe.

What do you see in the leadership at St. Peter?

Our charge nurses are just amazing people. They have the job of many, and they somehow get it done. They are there when you need them, and they are rock stars. We feel safe when they're there.

Is Providence St. Peter a welcoming workplace?

People of all backgrounds are welcome here. That's something that brings a fun atmosphere. You get to know different people and different styles of nursing, and you learn something from that. It makes you a more well-rounded person, a more well-rounded nurse.

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