Sherwin, RN

Sherwin found his way into his role as an Oncology RN by following in his sister’s footsteps. He appreciates helping patients in their journey and seeing them find a lot of themselves along the way. For him, the collective sense of hope is very special.

He may seek out other nursing specialties in the future. He says, "Healthcare is a very flexible career path. You can figure out over time what kind of speaks to you in that way."

At Swedish, I have access to all the resources that I need in order to succeed.

How did Providence Swedish help you start your career?

When I first started out at Swedish Edmonds, the Residency program helped me to acclimate to not only the campus and the unit, but to nursing practice in general. A lot of the critical thinking and nursing process skills that we learned in nursing school were built upon.

Do you have career growth opportunities?

When I communicated my short- and long-term goals to my manager, she immediately responded in that moment with names, places and programs that would me get to where I wanted to go. It struck me how enthusiastic my manager was to try and get me to a point of success.

Do you feel supported?

There really does feel like a sense of community when I come into work. I feel like the strengths that I bring to my nursing practice have been recognized.

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