Un Jeoung, Manager, Nursing

Un Jeoung, who goes by Unj, started her nursing career in Hawaii. When she had to relocate to Washington, she discovered many great hospitals in the Seattle area. She followed the recommendation of a colleague who endorsed Swedish, and can’t imagine herself working anywhere else.

"I learned a lot over 19 years at a nationally renowned hospital in Hawaii. When I came to Swedish, I learned there’s so much more innovation in medical interventions,” she says. “If my family gets sick, there’s no other place but Swedish."

Swedish has great culture that you cannot find in other hospitals. Several people who left for personal reasons came back. Because they could not get the same feeling from other facilities.

How did Providence Swedish help you advance your career?

I started as a charge nurse, bedside ICU, telenurse, and house float, and moved up to administrative nursing supervisor, and then manager. So, inside Swedish, I moved up the ladder, and Swedish gave me opportunity to do that - to grow.

What would you tell someone who’s considering applying?

Swedish is place where you want to start your career. We will hold your hand, and once you get enough experience, it’s big enough system that we can help you to get whatever you’ve been dreamed of in nursing.

What’s the Puget Sound area like?

When I moved from Hawaii, where I lived for 20 years, people said, "You’re not going to get used living in the mainland because they don't have 'aloha' spirit." They were so wrong. I moved here, and people were so nice and caring of each other. I’ll never regret moving here.

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