Shellie, Critical Care RN

Of the four hospitals close to her home, Shellie chooses to work at Providence Swedish because of the environment – a combination of the strong teamwork, support, and education backed by the non-profit Mission.

"Picking a workplace is like picking a spouse," she says. "You're with them for a while you have to love 'em. Everyone that I work with loves being here. I've had a lot of friends that I've convinced to come here."

Our leaders show that they value us by giving us the support we need, from equipment to personnel. They do their hardest to fill in the gaps and keep us safe and happy, so I appreciate that.

How has Providence Swedish supported your career growth?

Providence really encourages bettering yourself through education. I came with an ADN, and I used the tuition reimbursement to get my BSN. And they encourage you to get specialized, so I have my CRRT.

Is Providence St. Peter Hospital a welcoming workplace?

At Providence, we welcome everyone on our team as long as they want to be part of our family. It doesn't matter your nationality, height, weight, as long as you have a good heart and want to be part of a team, were so happy when people join us.

What is the Olympia area like?

We're in the Pacific Northwest, which is an awesome place to live. I go river fishing, ocean fishing, hiking. We have mountains, ocean, and it's just so beautiful. And the weather's not too extreme, not too much snow and not too much heat, so it's just right, like Goldilocks.

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